In order to keep my sanity and to provide some organization to researchers and genealogists, I have created this report of Junkin(s) family groups who have emigrated to North America. Though this is not comprehensive, and in the 200-350 years that Junkins have left their various home lands and built families in the New World, Junkins' have spread across the continent. As we connect with each other and discover cousins through online research and DNA matching, we find that we don't necessarily have mutual ancestors. Some come from Ireland, some from Scotland and some from France. As I learn more I will update this page.


Legend, point of initial settlement: ME. = Maine, CA. = Canada, PA. = Pennsylvania,
SC. = South Carolina, MS. = Mississippi


Alan Junkins, Ken Junkins and Logan Junkins stand at the baptismal font of Brechin Cathedral
where Robert was Christened in 1621. They visited the cathedral in 2006.

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Membership in the Junkins Family Association is open to anyone who has an interest in the purposes of the association. Descendants of Robert Junkins (1621-1699) and his wife, Sarah Smyth (1645-1718) are particularly welcome.

Membership fees are annual (July 1 to June 30). They are $15 for an individual, $20 for a family.

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We are working on an online payment system. In the meantime contact Ken Junkins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for membership information. Thanks you. 

It is with a heavy heart that I let you know Ann Cheney has passed away.

Anne has been the Vice President of the Junkins Family Association since 2008.
For the JFA, she has handled membership, keeping track of our members and
sending out renewals each year. She's recently published the JFA newsletter.

As a friend she has spent time with us both at family reunions and otherwise,
sharing her love for food, genealogy, and quilting.

She will be greatly missed.