The Junkins Family Association (JFA) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is:

  • To honor and perpetuate the memory of Robert Junkins and his wife, Sarah Smyth and all their descendants;
  • To preserve the history of their life and to collect and preserve genealogical records of the family;
  • To foster a spirit of fellowship among all Junkins/Junkin/McJunkins/Jonking.

The Junkins Family Association invites anyone interested in the mission of the JFA to join us in membership and fellowship. Descendants of Robert Junkins and Sarah Smith are particularly welcome. 


JFA logo Our logo/crest was created by founder and artist Alan Junkins. It is a garter circlet surrounding the image of the Junkins garrison house. The words "Junkins Family Association" are emblazened on the garter.


Our family motto is: "Balbinney! Balglassie! Long Live Robert!" Referencing the two places that Robert Junkins was known to have lived in Scotland.


Our selected tartan (shown in the banner at the top of the website) is County Angus (both modern and ancient). It has not been clearly shown which clan or sept Robert belonged to. We do know he was born and grew up in Angus County. The tartan dates to 1880, so we know for certain that Robert did not wear this pattern. But we proudly do.

Board of Directors

Meetings and Reunions

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