In order to keep my sanity and to provide some organization to researchers and genealogists, I have created this report of Junkin(s) family groups who have emigrated to North America. Though this is not comprehensive, and in the 200-350 years that Junkins have left their various home lands and built families in the New World, Junkins' have spread across the continent. As we connect with each other and discover cousins through online research and DNA matching, we find that we don't necessarily have mutual ancestors. Some come from Ireland, some from Scotland and some from France. As I learn more I will update this page.


Legend, point of initial settlement: ME. = Maine, CA. = Canada, PA. = Pennsylvania,
SC. = South Carolina, MS. = Mississippi



ME.) Robert Junkins –    b. > 24 Dec. 1621  -- Careston, Angus, , Scotland
                                          d. Nov. 1699 ‎(Age 77)‎ -- Scotland, York, Me, USA

SPOW Battle of Dunbar, 1650,
sent to the Colonies as an indentured servant,
settled in Scotland Parish, York, Maine

Wife: Sara Smyth (1645-1718)
Children: Joseph (1672-1711), Alexander (1675-1737), Daniel (1680-1749)

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CA.) Thomas Junkin -     b. 28 Oct 1810 - Magheraculmonery Parish, Ballynant Townland, Fermanagh, Ireland
                                          d. 3 Nov 1890 - Verulam Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada

Thomas immigrated to Canada in 1853 followed by Ester and their five children in 1854

Wife: Ester ? (1815-1891)
Children: Launcelot (1838-1856), Mary (1840-1927), John (1842-1916), Elizabeth (Eliza) (1846-1915), Jane (1849-1915), Thomas Launcelot (1856-1912), Margaret Ann (1860-1932)

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PA.) Joseph Junkin I      b. 1715 - Antrim, Antrim, Northern Ireland
                                          d. 1 APRIL 1777 - Kingston, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Joseph immigrated to the Colonies in 1735 or 1736 with his two brothers, Thomas (1712-?), James (1730-1768) and possibly his sister, Rebekah (1719-1785). Joseph and his wife settled in New Kingston, Pennsylvania, USA.

Wife: Elizabeth Wallace (1743-1796)
Children: William (1744-1825) Married 1769 Jane Galloway, Mary (Polly) (1747-1825), Joseph (1750-1831), George (1752-1752), Agnes (1754-1834), John (1756-1825), Benjamin (1761-1812 or 1825), Elizabeth (1763-1796)

Thomas and James may not have had any children.
Rebekah married George Galloway (1723-1783) of Scotland. They had 11 children.

Descendants of Joseph Junkins include:
Rev. George Junkin []
Elinor Junkin, daughter of George Junkin, wife of Stonewall Jackson
Margaret Junkin Preston, daughter of George Junkin, American poet

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SC.) John Junkin            b. 1788 - Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland
                                         d. 1829 -  Morgan County, Alabama, USA

John’s grandfather and previous ancestors, were born in Scotland. Sometime between 1730 and 1754 the family immigrated to Ireland. John immigrated to America around 1806, landing in Chester County, South Carolina. By 1827 the family had settled in Morgan County, Alabama.

Wife: Anna (Anny) Ferguson (1791-1873)
Children: Jason Hicklin (1814-1824), Elizabeth Ann (1815-1903), Sarah Jane (1815-1905), Ann F. (1817-1903), William Woodard (1823-1894), Adams Adonirum Judson (1827-1856), Joseph Henry (1829-1905), Harriet A. (1830-1874)

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MS.David Junkin          b. 1825 - Antrim, Northern Ireland
                                        d. 1905 – Pine Ridge, Mississippi, USA

David and his wife Jeanette McKinstry emigrated to America arriving around 1869 at the port of New Orleans.

Wife: Jeanette McKinstry (1830-1907)
Children: Elizabeth Jane (1856-1931), Ellen (1859-1942), William Joseph (1861-1946), Hugh (1863-1925), Sarah Anne (1866-1916), Francis Kaiser (1868-1942), Samuel (1870-1884), Elizabeth Ruth (1872-1961), John Russell (1876-1996)

Descendants of David Junkin include:
John Russell Junkin (son), speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives

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Note: David Junkin and John Junkin (above) seem to have common genetically matched descendants.