In a letter to officers and directors, Alan asked for "stories, letters, graduations, births, deaths, mini reunions, awards, arrests, deportations, hallucinations, operations, anything !" for his next newsletter. I write this in hopes the rest of you do likewise. Karl and I are interested in all you cousins.

Directors Karl and Joanne Junkins at the 1992 reunion

Arrests first. Karl's foreparents, Samuel (5) and Olive, haven't been the only Junkinses in jail. Our son, Paul, could report what it's like to study for college exams inside the slammer. This was for one weekend back in his cool, know-it-all, permed hair days. Called his brother, Brian, not his parents. Smart there. Today, he's a 30 year old yuppie with a lovely wife, Edie, who is going to deliver their first Junkins into this world in August. He's redeemed himself.

It's been graduation time in our family. Youngest daughter, Karla Stanton, received a degree in pharmacy in June from the University of Toledo. She was cheered by husband, Ed, daughters, Anne and Colleen, sisters, Mary Beth Gratop and Jeanne Home, and her excited parents. Her youngest brother, Andrew, missed the affair because he was on his way to Germany as a mechanical engineer for Diebold, Inc. of North Canton, Ohio. He graduated from University of Toledo in December. Karla, also, has a job! Eldest, Mary Beth Gratop, is finish­ing her course work this summer at Owens Technical College. She supervises a branch of our local library system.

For those of you who are counting, we also have son, John (Toledo), who has four sons, and daughter, Nancy Sullivan (Tampa). That's four and four, folks.

Operations. On Christmas Eve morning, in Royal Oak, Michigan, Karl had angioplasty with an experimental laser. This made balloon angioplasty possible both then and later in February. What a gift after his October by-passes occluded. 

By March we were in Florida taking part in Junkins mini reunions. The first was at Warren and Evelyn (Junkins) Schuster's in Osprey with Loy and Betty Junkins (Rossford, Ohio) and Chester and Pricilla Junkins (Hampden, Maine). On our way north, we from Hampden and Maumee enjoyed a full day with Paul and Virginia (Junkins) Junkins (Got it, huh?) in Lady Lake, Florida and their house guest, Roland Junkins (Franklin, NH). There was inter­est expressed in an off-year reunion in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Are you reading this, Walter and Jean Junkins? 

Hoping to read about the following: Walter and Jean's trip to England, Jean's home; Clifford and Mary Jo's trip to Seniors' Olympics; John and Betty Burkhardt's move to Florida; Donald's China experiences; Alan and Betty's new home on the homestead; and everyone's news, especially arrests, deporta­tions and hallucinations.